Horizon Steer – 2020

The European Commission – Research Executive Agency (REA) formally announced in writing that it has “favorably evaluated” the STEER project submitted by Prima Vera as coordinator of a large international consortium. The Commission is therefore proceeding to grant the consortium the full amount requested. The project will lead to the definition of a static model for the calculation of optimal energy consumption levels for individual hospitals based on a series of indicators as well as a dynamic model to assess the impact of, and the return on, investments in energy efficiency measures concerning said facilities based on different boundary conditions. This ambitious project, coordinated by Prima Vera, will also involve:

1. University of Bayreuth (Germany), Department of Engineering Thermodynamics
2. University of Afeka at Tel Aviv (Israel), Department of Energy Engineering
3. Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering
4. Athena Center of Innovation and Research at Patras (Greece), Department of Industrial Systems
5. University of Granada (Spain), Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
6. Teco Integrated Systems (Czech Republic), a company specializing in control systems for large facilities
7. Enertech Solutions (Milan), a company specializing in advanced engineering solutions
8. Advanced Energy Tadiran (Israel), a leader in Israel in energy efficiency measures for HVAC systems

The project is expected to last 48 months and will involve an intense exchange of personnel and expertise between the members of the consortium. The funding requested and approved amounts to 1.2 million euros.