History and people

Zephyro offers integrated technology services in the energy sector, public lighting, biomedical, sanitation systems and facility management. The real protagonists of this adventure are, for over ten years, the women and men of Zephyro who work daily alongside the customer following each intervention phase.


There are over 200 people who operate throughout the country especially in Lombardy, Veneto and Lazio. Ensuring the proper functioning of the technological systems or the biomedical equipments means improving the development and implementation of processes accompanying day by day the corporate life towards significant changes with greater efficacy and a better quality of life.

A single contact point for integrated and scalable solutions able to respond to requests, ordinary and extraordinary, with efficiency and promptness: from the analysis of the needs to the design, implementation of the projected actions, evidence of problem solved, Technical Support maintenance as well as the timely assessment of each transaction effectiveness.


Zephyro is the ideal partner for large enterprises, government agencies, healthcare facilities, barracks, large residential / private complexes and large public buildings taking, every day, the responsibility for maintenance management of the customer’s own heritage. A story that tells the success of a method, an integrated approach made of great professionalism and attention towards reality which allowed Zephyro to establish itself in a market dominated by multinationals.